The purpose of this blog is to share my travel stories with the hope to offer travel tips and useful travel information. Since I grew up in three different continents, it would be fair to say that my “Life is a Journey”, literally. I want this Blog to be mostly about travel; however, the highlight of my travel tends to be more about people and interaction with people, more than just beautiful scenery. I like it to also incorporate the beauty of People and Cultures.

It is true that a picture can tell a thousand stories; however, I it does not capture people’s stories. As such, I write about people in my travels and in doing so, I cannot avoid their culture and the impact of their socio-economical surroundings on their lives. As such, I have a hard time to keep my travel blog separate from writing about socio-economical (life) matters. Perhaps, the “Journey of Life”, can justify writing both.  

I started this blog in May of 2020 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where most citizens were in voluntary house-arrest and travelling was not possible. At the age of almost 60, I am witnessing that my long-time dream to semi-retire and pursue my passion of travelling is vanishing. I am certain that there are many of you citizens of earth who feel the same pain. Perhaps that is why I am starting this blog now so that we can share our travel stories and let our imaginations take their flight to places far away. I do not want to minimize the pain that COVID is inflicting on humanity or all the beautiful souls that we have lost to this virus. Let us make this site about good news, positive energy, and celebration of the beautiful souls, the world citizens, that are here to be discovered and to be known. Let’s make this about YOU. After all, “life is a journey” will have no meaning without you because there would be no life and no purpose to the journey without you.

Most of my early traveling has been for work or had incorporated some family components. I did not have the luxury of traveling for pleasure until the later stages of my life. As such, I searched for international projects and have always made some extra time to travel where I was working. The list of countries that I have visited are numbered; however, I have lived and traveled these countries with the locals and not like a tourist. In most cases, I have visited smaller town and villages that most of its citizens had not heard about. In Argentina for example, I stumbled upon a small village of 500 people in early 90’s. It was called Villa Concepcion Del Tio. According to Wikipedia this village was formally registered in 2001, which makes me believe that my visit to this village was prehistoric! Some of the countries that I have visited and/or lived in are: (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, England, France, Iran, Israel, Italy, Spain, USA). I had a long-term stay (lived) in some of these countries as part of work or as part of my growing up across three continents.

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I am a Canadian citizen (one citizenship only) who lives near Toronto, Ontario. I studied computer science and I own and manage an IT (information technology) small staffing business. In my employment years I have had many roles from a developer to management consultant. 

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