I admit that I am picking on Hollywood here. To my pen’s interest, the name Hollywood can still demand attention (at least for my generation) on Social Media,  the medium where I feed my share of drama!

Once a week, my wife and I pick a movie from Netflix or Amazon Prime so that we can rest the thinking and let our brain rest for a couple of hours. Our tastes in movies (and in most matters) is quite different and poses some challenge in selecting anything. This week’s pick was the Poison Rose starring John Travolta and Morgan Freeman. Now, this is a pair that appeals to a large spectrum of taste.

Despite the movie’s grim reviews, it is packed with good stuff. Travolta is a modern-day cowboy (a Private Investigator) who is determined to bring about justice at any cost. Of course, he can afford the mindless bravery because like the old-time PIs that I watched as a teen (Rockford files – James Garner), he too is single and detached. The character is also loaded with drama as he is constantly drinking and somehow remains in top shape for physical action and mighty ruggedness.

Other goodies in the movie include loads of conspiracy and systematic corruption of business moguls buying their way to power and wealth. The movie is in touch with the current trends offering a black man (Morgan Freeman) as the most successful and powerful businessman in town. Of course, despite being black (apologies, African American does not flow well for the story) this businessman is still ruthless.

Let us go back to the original and real cowboy from Hollywood, the one and only John Wayne. I remember watching him fighting the bad, emotion-free natives (they called them Indians). I remember vividly Wayne being chased by hundreds of fierce native fighters, but their gun shots would always miss the big John. On the contrary, Wayne’s little pistol, wiggling in his hand while his flexible body danced on a galloping horse, never missed a shot. In some case, JW dropped two with one shot.

In Poison Rose, like the old westerns, the alcoholic and noncommittal PI, is the good guy and his school friend who is a Medical doctor, is a goofy devil who kills people for financial interest. I better hire a PI to watch my family doctor. By now, you have discovered that I am incapable of being entertained or rest the vain thinking for an hour of rest. Any therapist out there doing pro bono?

Real life has no shortage of drama and the inter/national news constantly reminds us of that. For some reason, real life drama does not seem to be as appealing to us, but I leave the analysis to subject matter experts out there. Perhaps it is the lack of happy ending that deters people from real-life drama. As for me, I prefer comedy which seems to be in short supply these days. Comedy is my escape from real-life drama and apparently for the comedians as well.


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