This week started with Dr. King’s day. What a great week this must be. I am fully aware that I do not have the ability to do justice to the significance of his mission or even come close to it, only that I need to acknowledge it openly. I lived in the United States and I did my early university in Tennessee in the 70’s. We must see things in context. Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech was in early 60’s. If you think things our tough today, imagine creating a movement in those times! Imagine unifying an army of people, mobilizing them in that time in history, and do it all peacefully! Try unifying ten people today without financial interest.

Dr. King did not fight for freedom of American blacks only, he fought for justice for all, equality for all, and for the brotherhood of humanity. He understood that prejudice of all kinds cannot be eliminated by taking one side. Prejudice is born of ignorance and only the knowledge and belief in the oneness of humanity can wash prejudice from the hearts. We have today, not only racial prejudice but add to that prejudices of class, nationality, colour, looks, culture, education, title, etc. Anytime, any of us elevates himself or herself above another human being, there is prejudice at work.

Dr. King’s strength was driven by faith and his mission aided by divine force. His ideas came from his faith, and that has always been the source human inspiration and new civilizations. I have seen many posts about black leaders (mostly from whites and probably my circle of black friends is small- my fault), sometimes in a political context and sometimes in a leadership context. Seeing blacks being successful does not eliminate prejudice. No reasoning would because prejudice has no rational or common sense to it. There were always successful and accomplished blacks, women, or black women even in the most limiting of times. Haters always discounted those as exceptions, fake, or some other excuse.

We cannot promote equality by success stories whatever our perception of success is. Equality is the right of all humans. We must only understand that all humans are one in spirit. Remember Dr. King for human rights and remember his dear wife Coretta and their children: Martin, Yolanda, Bernice, and Dexter.


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