Life is Journey!

I am a Canadian citizen (one citizenship only) who lives near Toronto, Ontario. I studied computer science and I own and manage an IT (information technology) small staffing business. In my employment years I have had many roles from a developer to management consultant. I still occasionally accept consulting engagements myself when the project is of interest to me.

I was born in Iran and I was barely seventeen when I left Iran for good. That was before it converted to the Islamic Republic of Iran. I was not born into a Muslim family. Although, my blog embraces culture, I try to leave the religion part of culture out of my site. Likewise, I will not entertain any talks of politics when we share travel stories. I leave those views to others and there is no shortage of them.

My teen years were split between UK, US, and Canada. I enjoyed a short stay in Oxford when I was fifteen and I loved it. I hope to visit the beautiful Oxford and its Gothic architecture and its green nature again. From there I took a cultural shock into Tennessee, USA. In Tennessee I discovered that saying “pardon me” was Shakespeare English and with difficulty I learned to say ha, say what now, but never what because that was rude, so I was taught. Although my time in Tennessee was pained with the Iranian revolution, I have mostly good memories and many of my school friends remain in Tennessee. In 2016, I visited one of my friends in Nashville as a stopover to Atlanta. I plan to celebrate my 60th birthday in Nashville, if COVID allows it. I did love Tennessee and most of its good-natured people. I really miss my roommate Tom Commer and if internet were available then, we would have never lost contact. I enjoyed the outdoors in Cookeville, TN the most, where I experienced horseback riding (I would never be a rider), shooting (I will never own a gun), and trail bike riding (I will get back on the dirt bike again even if it kills me).

In 1979, after dwelling on the idea for over four years, my parents finally decided to migrate to Canada. That is when I moved here with them and my younger sister and two younger brothers. Believe it or not, adjusting to Toronto, was harder than adjusting to Oxford or Cookeville. Perhaps, because we had many more challenges and the times were extremely difficult. If you are curious, I am afraid you must wait till I finish my book. As promised, this site will be all about travel and good news.


My purpose

I initially started this blog to write purely about travelling. Then I asked, what do I see and look for when I travel? In general, travelers are looking for one or more of these in their travel: Nature, scenery, city action, restaurants, art and music, theater, shows, and interaction with people.