I initially started this blog to write purely about travelling. Then I asked, what do I see and look for when I travel? In general, travelers are looking for one or more of these in their travel: Nature, scenery, city action, restaurants, art and music, theater, shows, and interaction with people. Some may travel for serenity and peace in an isolated beach, mountain, and some travel for adventure or action. My travelling has been for work at times and for personal pleasure at others.  Despite the common belief in not mixing work with pleasure, I often did. My ideal travel schedule is a mix of adventure, local cultural immersion, and finally some time to relax and reflect.

In principal, I travel to know People, Places, and Cultures.. To know what they enjoy, how they celebrate, how they communicate, etc. From my travelling I have learned that all people are the same even though our mannerism and rituals may seem very different. Everyone enjoys a smile, and everyone enjoys sharing food. Everyone enjoys music and dance although our taste of music may vary and some of you may have more rhythm than I do. I am betting that most of you do!

You may be surprised to know that I found a very rare sarcastic phrase from a small village on the shore of Caspian Sea to have the exact equivalent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nowhere else have I heard that! If you listen to country music, you should know that the stories are the same across continents. People tend to associate with each other in more ways than their nationality or race. Farmers or pharmacists or artists 10,000 miles away may bind immediately for what they know.

I decided that my vision for this blog is best described as the Journey of Life. In other worlds, this is the World According to Bud! If you are old enough to remember “the world according to Garp”? I watched almost everything that had Robin Williams in it.

Enjoy your Journey.